The SAMPOL group has signed this week a collaboration agreement with the Balearic Association of People with Physical Disability (ASPROM) with the aim of promoting social-labor inclusion for people with disabilities. The purpose of this agreement is to establish and regulate the conditions under which a mutual aid collaboration service is defined between both entities, especially with regard to the social and labor inclusion of persons with disabilities, in order to promote full integration.

Thus, ASPROM will collaborate with the SAMPOL group in the search for workers with disabilities that adjust to the positions to be filled in the company. Within the framework of this agreement, both parties commit themselves to the following actions:
1. Collaboration through the SOL program, orientation itinerary, professional training for employment and job placement for people with disabilities, in the search for workers with disabilities that fit the position to be filled.
2. ASPROM may conduct awareness-raising activities (talks, conferences, conferences and other actions) in collaboration and mutual agreement with SAMPOL.
3. From ASPROM you can advise the workers and relatives of SAMPOL on disability issues.
4. Collaboration through the Habilitation and Occupational Therapy Service, in the manufacturing and / or elaboration of products.

Both organizations are very excited about this collaboration and hope to work for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the islands.