One of the values ​​that move our company is the COMMITMENT: with our customers, with our suppliers, with our workers.

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For SAMPOL, it is part of our culture:

Quality: Key element for the growth and development of the organization and a requirement to be able to guarantee that our projects and services are developed in an optimal way.

Innovation: We have always stood out for our innovative capacity and commitment to new technologies that create added value for our customers.

The Environment and Energy Efficiency: We are committed to the conservation and protection of the environment and renewable energies. The fight against Climate Change, the sustainable use of natural resources, the protection of Biodiversity and energy efficiency are part of the Company’s strategy.

Health and Safety: Maintaining high standards of occupational safety in our activity is a priority objective. In order to preserve safety and health, we guarantee optimal working conditions that favor occupational health and safety and that promote the human and professional development of our workers. We work to reduce accident rates in our activities, involving all workers, investing in the necessary equipment and fostering a proactive culture in mitigating risks.