There is agreement on the major thematic areas covered by CSR: economic, social and environmental. However, if something characterizes CSR, it is its multidimensional nature that affects different areas of the company’s management, among others:

The RSC in SAMPOL is a transversal element that guides its activity towards responsibility, competitiveness and efficiency. It is inspired by an ethical, transparent and responsible culture that integrates risks and opportunities of a social, environmental and economic nature.

Being socially responsible does not only mean fulfilling legal obligations, but going beyond compliance, investing more in human capital, the environment and relations with the Stakeholders.

Sampol has adhered to the United Nations Pact since 2011, forming the 10 principles, part of the group’s philosophy and guide for our actions.

When 2016 enters into force the New 2020 Strategy, which has as its central axis to work hand in hand with companies the new scenario of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), we have focused on working on those Sustainable Development Goals in which we generate a greater impact.