To be leaders in the generation and distribution of energy and in telecommunications facilities and infrastructures; actively contributing to social welfare, sustainable development and the generation of value for our stakeholders.

Being able to respond to the energy and technological needs of our customers, creating and designing ad hoc solutions through our business units, so that energy and technology offer a better life and more efficient energy consumption.

The values ​​or ethical principles on which the culture of our company is based, and which allow us to create our behavioral guidelines, are the following:

We look for efficient solutions to achieve the SATISFACTION of our clients.

Clients and suppliers have SAMPOL to undertake QUALITY projects.

We work with the same ILLUSION that the first day.

Responsibility and Effort to offer the best applied engineering solution.

It is part of the identity of the SAMPOL group.

Key to our history. It has allowed us to overcome challenges and become stronger.

Three generations at the head of the SAMPOL group confirm the bet.

More than 80 years guarantee us.

Ethical code
The Code of Ethics marks the principles and guidelines of conduct, which are mandatory, aimed at guaranteeing the ethical and responsible behavior of all the professionals that form the GROUP, in the development of our activity in any part of the world in which we find ourselves.