Despite the adverse circumstances faced by Mexico due to lower oil prices, the market for OIL & GAS has more and more growth potential. Not only PEMEX but also the oil companies have hired concessions and services in the energy reform programs that they are developing.

To approach this market, SAMPOL counts on a commercial, technical and contract management team that allows the company to submit bids with a high success percentage both in execution of the work and in the quality required in such a demanding industry.

The company has under study several opportunity areas after having selected several projects and having signed agreements with local and international partners.

  • Injection services of Sweet and Bitter gas in mature gas wells to increase oil production
  • Injection services of steam in Wells that can be used for cogeneration
  • Multiphase metering services, the parameters of operation of producing wells
  • Projects of fire protection in cargo terminals and compressor stations
  • Engineering, supply, construction, assembly and set up of control rooms, for use with electric centrifugal pumps, also called BEC projects; to increase oil production on offshore platforms
  • Participation in cogeneration projects that PEMEX will implement in their facilities

  • To date SAMPOL has implemented the following contracts:

  • Engineering, supply, construction, assembly and set up of control 9/4 control destinated to platforms MAALOO AYATZIL and Ku-Zaap complex for the company DOWELL SCHLUMBERGER LTD OF MEXICO SAA
  • Engineering, supply, construction and set up of a Skate from the fire Network at the CUNDUACAN II Compressor Station, located in CUNDUACAN, TABASCO. This agreement is fully implemented for Pemex Exploration and primary production.

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