Technology Integration

SAMPOL’s Integrating Technologies business unit carries out applied engineering projects and services in the fields of telecommunications, automation and system integration, with a strong emphasis on multi-disciplinary projects incorporating several of these component parts in a one-stop solution.

The unit’s activities extend right across the sectors in which SAMPOL is present: energy, airport and railway infrastructures; industrial and purpose-built building projects. It also includes state-of-the-art segments such as telecommunications, data centers, defence and security, and emergency facilities.

Aims and values

The key components of our approach to technology integration are as follows:

  • Innovation built on the technical know-how and multi-sectorial experience of the team.
  • A firm belief in non-proprietary solutions and in upholding standards that guarantee our clients’ investment; the full integration of new systems; technological adaptability; and the avoidance of solutions that may compromise future purchasing decisions.
  • Our belief in sound engineering policies as the best means of guaranteeing the progress of each phase of a project and/or service: definition, development, implementation, maintenance/operation and ongoing evolution.
  • The values that are key to the SAMPOL Group, such as a professional commitment to each project undertaken; sufficient modesty to bring in experts as needed; continuous improvement; an international outlook and, last but by no means least, the determination to meet our commitments to the client in terms of schedules and costs.

  • SAMPOL tackles projects in this area with a team having a multi-sectorial background and international experience that can provide an integrated and coordinated response across the full range of installations and systems required, responding with total reliability to critical services, systems and activities.


    Below we give the main activities of this business unit. It is important to note that in all cases we have in house sufficient human and technical resources to cover the entire life cycle of the projects we undertake.

    Telecommunication Networks and Infrastructure
  • Hardware infrastructure: external and internal cabling for public authorities and/or private clients: optic fibre, community-antenna TV, etc., together with the associated civil works.
  • Software infrastructure: unification of services by means of IP platforms: networking, MPLS networks, firewalls, TV headends and optic-fibre broadcasting systems.

  • Professional Radiocommunication Networks
  • Terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA) networks for security and emergency purposes.
  • IP transport networks, including provision of radio links, WIMAX services and associated routing/switching layouts.
  • Deployment of services for mobile telephone (base transceiver stations) and DTT broadcasters.
  • Incorporating radio services (TETRA, PMR, DMR) via VoIP platforms.
  • Associated civil works: towers, stations, etc.

  • System automation and integration:
  • RETiA Smart Information Systems: control, monitoring, managing and help systems:
  • RETiA EmerGeo, for emergency networks
  • RETiA SmartGrid, for powered networks and infrastructures
  • RETiA Telecom, for telecommunications networks
  • RETiA Rail, for railway infrastructures
  • RETiA Smart Building, for purpose-built buildings
  • RETiA Airfield Lighting, for airport visual aids and beacon layouts
  • System Integration: integrated control centers, audiovisual information systems for travellers

  • Energy efficiency and control:
  • Systems designed to control and operate energy:
  • Co and tri-generation power plants
  • Power generation base centers
  • Solar and photovoltaic power plants
  • Generator control systems
  • Energy efficiency in the services sector
  • Smart Metering
  • Continuity of supply systems:
  • Dynamic uninterruptible power supply systems - DRUPS
  • Energy transfer control systems
  • Integrated energy management in Data Centers
  • Business intelligence systems

  • Safety systems
  • Fire prevention installations
  • Advice and warning systems (public address)
  • Visual security systems: CCTV, DSS, thermal cameras, etc.
  • Perimeter security: cabled sensors, microwave barriers and IR, etc.
  • Customised security systems in tunnels
  • Integrated control and monitoring of security systems integrated within other SCADA systems

  • Added value 24x365 service center
  • Event Monitoring, Supervising, Management and Response Centers:
  • Energy sector: production and distribution plants, smart grid, etc., including information analysis and business intelligence; smart metering
  • Telecommunication and datacenter networks
  • Systems against fire, security and information systems (content management, etc.)
  • “Operational consultancy” services and “tele-assistance”
  • Approved energy dispatching
  • Emergency and safety service operation
  • Dynamic management of emergency fleets and services
  • Integrated despatch and support in emergencies
  • Business intelligence services oriented towards decision making
  • Integration of own and third-party maintenance services

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