SAMPOL began its activity in 1934 with the first wave of tourism in Spain, notably in the Balearic Islands, rapidly making its name in the Mallorcan hostelry and industrial sectors.

In the 1970s SAMPOL expanded throughout Spain, establishing branches in most major cities, focused in the main on the hostelry business. Thanks to the experience obtained and our commitment to excellence, we were able to extend the scope of our activities to the specialist activity of airport construction.

In the 90s the reputation we had earned in the hostelry sector enabled us to expand our business activities to the Caribbean, while in Spain we obtained recognition as the leading specialist provider of airport beacon systems.

Over the last decade SAMPOL has grown and diversified its activities. It has extended its range to the energy business, electro-mechanical and telecommunications systems and control systems. Geographically, its scope now extends to other countries in Europe, Central America and Africa.

At present the diversity of its business activities extends to airports, railways and road systems; the generation and distribution of electric power; hydraulic works; industry and telecommunications systems.

SAMPOL has subsidiaries in Spain, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama and Cape Verde. From these offices it maintains its business activities in America, Europe and Africa.

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