Energy Business Unit at SAMPOL is focused on three main aspects:

  • Outsourcing of the client’s energy supply (electricity, heat, cold, steam, etc.)
  • Implementation of turnkey projects to generate efficient and renewable sources of energy
  • Energy efficiency and saving

  • SAMPOL, in an attempt to meet the client’s needs, develops the design, execution, operation and maintenance of plants. On the other hand, SAMPOL is in charge of the promotion and financing plans of the different projects:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering
  • Turnkey contracts
  • Operation and maintenance of power plants
  • Energy supply: engineering, building, financing and exploitation of energy production plants
  • Energy outsourcing
  • Energy distribution (electrical distribution and district supply)

  • SAMPOL has a highly specialized team, who is our main asset.

    Aims and Values: Specialization, efficiency and sustainability

    The efficiency of our power plants is based on their capacity to generate and distribute useful energy with the minimum level of primary level consumption. SAMPOL provides high performance solutions that help our clients achieve the following aims:

  • Reduce their energy bills
  • Outsource the energy management and maintenance of their plants and allow them to focus on their core business
  • Reduce the environmental impact of their businesses

  • Our philosophy is based on efficiency and sustainability. Our values are our know-how and specialization.

    Clients and technology

    Our clients are heavy users of energy at companies, plants, hotels, hospitals, etc.

    Our technology solutions are base on efficient and renewable energy production applied engineering projects.

    Exploitation Plants

    SAMPOL has installed and manages the production of 55,000 kW in Spain. Since SAMPOL is an agent of the Electrical Market, it commercializes the electrical power that it produces.

    Nowadays, there are several co-generation and tri-generation projects under way in multiple sectors. These projects account for 20,000 KWe of extra power. Among all managed plants we highlight the following exploitation and development plants:

    Barajas Airport Tri-generation Madrid 33MWe 2004 20 years
    Campofrío La Bureba Co-generation Burgos 15MWe 2012 Indefinite
    Son Llàtzer Hospital Tri-generation Palma de Mallorca 3,3MWe 2011 12 years
    Bahía Príncipe San Juan Co-generation Dominican Republic 4MWe 2012 20 years
    Parc Bit and D&H Tri-generation Palma de Mallorca 2,9MWe 2003 20 years
    Bahía Príncipe El Portillo Co-generation Dominican Republic 2,7MWe 2012 10 years
    Solar de Caballería Cultural Complex Burgos 2,2MWe 2012 20 years
    Bay Hotels Tri-generation Mallorca 500kWe 2012 10 years
    Riu Hotels Co-generation Mallorca 500kWe 2012 10 years
    Ciudad de la Energía (Energy City) Co-generation Ponferrada 1MWe 2012 10 years

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