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The corporate or visual identity is the physical manifestation of the brand. It refers to the visual aspects of the organization’s identity. This corporate identity is directly related to the following attributes: – History or trajectory of the company, projects and corporate culture; that is to say, how things are done. In most cases, it includes a logo and supporting elements, generally coordinated by a group of guidelines that are included in a document such as the Corporate Manual.


The corporate identity manual is a document that outlines the key points of a company’s image, service, product or institution. It defines the rules that must be followed in order to print the brand and logo on the company’s different internal and external media, with special emphasis on those that will be displayed in public.

The manual describes the graphic signs chosen by the company to show its image as well as all its possible variations: shape, color, size, etc. It explains its form, timing and place of use by including graphical examples. The prohibitive rules of its applications are also shown. Colors and corporate fonts are also included.

In our manual you will find all the information regarding our corporate image.



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