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One of the values that move our company is COMMITMENT: to our clients, to our suppliers, to our teams. This philosophy applies to the different relationships we establish with our environment and inspires us in the actions we develop to return to society part of what we receive.




The SAMPOL group is committed to the initiative of the United Nations Global Compact in complying with its 10 principles and integrating them into all areas of the company. They are part of the group’s philosophy and guide its actions, just as it is required that all collaborators of the company (staff, clients and suppliers) comply with these principles.

10 Principios del Pacto Mundial

For more information, see the Ten Principles of the Global Compact

Below is SAMPOL’s 2016 Progress Report, a year in which the company has laid the foundations for promoting CSR in business and actively contributing to the achievement of sustainable and socially responsible management.



SAMPOL is committed to improving our social, economic and environmental surroundings.

A multi-dimensional nature is what characterizes our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and it affects different areas of company management.

What does SAMPOL do with regard to CSR?

We are part of the Spanish Association of the United Nations Global Compact, being committed with the Ten Principles of the Global Compact, as reflected in our Progress Report.

Behind every great SAMPOL project there is a team of people capable of successfully making it happen. At SAMPOL we want to achieve exemplary performance with our employees, because we are committed to them. For this reason, we promote a healthy and non-discriminatory environment, where talent is attracted and fostered with a long-term vision.

Some of the actions we take at a corporate level are:

SAMPOL in motion: We encourage our employees to engage in sporting activities that motivate us to move and enhance teamwork.

SAMPOL in shape: We promote healthy eating habits for our employees.

“Every month an action”: This is the goal we want to achieve with a focus on our employees.


SAMPOL seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates through a series of social initiatives. Above all, we aim at promoting education in technical careers, developing the values associated with sports, such as effort and commitment, and helping underprivileged groups, thus fostering a culture of collaboration and solidarity that makes our team aware of the existing needs of our society.

Some of the initiatives we have recently developed

Sponsorship of UIB engineering studies

Palma Swimming Club Patronage

Sponsorship of the team of the Instituto Antonio Maura of Mallorca for the Lego League and TecnoGirls competitions

Sponsorship of the Amics de la Infancia Golf Tournament (Son Termens, June 2017)


We support renewable energies. We pursue environmental sustainability, which is understood as the balance resulting from the harmonic relationship between society and the surrounding nature, of which it is a part. This implies achieving development results without threatening the sources of our natural resources, and without compromising those of future generations. We seek sustainability in addition to profitability.


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