One more year, SAMPOL receives recognition for its commitment to reduce the accident rate

The SAMPOL group and its SAMPOL Digital business unit have received this morning a recognition of their commitment to comply with the accident rates set for their sector. This recognition is also accompanied by a bonus granted by the Social Security and which means recovering the economic investments made by the company that help reduce accidents or occupational diseases. The SAMPOL hiring manager, Fernando Sampol, has been commissioned to collect this recognition and has been proud that his commitment to preserve the safety and health of its workers and to reduce the loss rate has a reward.

The delivery ceremony took place at the headquarters of Ibermutuamur in the Balearic Islands, mutual collaborator with the Social Security with which SAMPOL protects professional contingencies. The director of Ibermutuamur in the islands, Eduardo Zurdo, has been in charge of delivering the diploma to mutual companies that have stood out for their performance in the field of prevention of occupational hazards, and that have ratios significantly more favorable than those recorded as average in its sector of activity, which, additionally, has allowed them to access the benefits provided for in Royal Decree 404/2010 (bonus) in the year 2015.

The objective of this bonus is to apply a reduction in contributions for Occupational Accidents to those companies that work especially against occupational accidents through an effective Occupational Risk Prevention. In order to benefit from this reduction, the company must accredit this positioning and actions through a series of filters and, in the case of fulfilling them, opts for this reduction in the contribution, which involves recovering part of the amount of the economic investments made in this regard.

In other words, obtaining this bonus not only demonstrates that the company has low accident rates, but also that the company works on mechanisms of excellence and invests financially in the equipment necessary for its workers to suffer the least number of work-related accidents or possible occupational diseases. thus generating a healthy company culture.

Commitment to reduce the accident rate

For some years, SAMPOL has set the objective of reducing the accident rate in the company. In that sense, every year increases the number of workers who assume participation and action in the management of Occupational Risk Prevention and increases their economic investment to reduce the accident rate or occupational diseases, buying all the necessary Individual and Collective Protection Teams, reviewing fire prevention systems beyond what is mandatory, buying ergonomic material for the prevention of occupational diseases, etc. SAMPOL also has the OHSAS Certification of its internal Occupational Risk Prevention System.

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