Industry and Water

In the industry and environment sector we offer solutions to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs of industrial processes by means of purpose-specific installations and systems.


  • Supply of efficient energy (electric power, steam, heat, cooling and compressed air)
  • Energy efficiency studies (energy costs and water consumption)
  • Energy outsourcing (operation + maintenance + energy management)
  • Process automation
  • Electric and mechanical installations (HV, LV, industrial refrigeration, steam, compressed air)
  • Operation and maintenance

  • Environment

  • Installation of the electrical and mechanical devices required to automate water treatment plants
  • ·  Sea water desalination plants
    ·  Waste water treatment plants
    ·  Treatment of industrial effluent
  • Pumping systems and distribution networks
  • Plants for treating solid waste
  • Plants to convert waste and biomass into energy

  • In 2008 the Alicante II desalination plant was inaugurated, having a production capacity of 65,000 m3 per day, making it one of the largest of its kind in the Mediterranean. The project included remote control systems to regulate the supply of water to local councils and farming cooperatives, together with treatment plants for waste water.

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